Exceptional Client Care

GCG is selective when it comes to its clientele. We look for complimentary company cultures to ensure trust and long-lasting partnerships.  Transparency, Decisiveness, and Commitment are the hallmark to achieving goals.

As a result, our Team is able to quickly identify the root causes of impediments to business development and develop tailored solutions for short-term visible impact using extensive proprietary business development assets.
We pride ourselves in the fact that our clients see us as one of the team or part of the family.

Infused Solutions

At GCG we understand that everyone and everything impacts business development.  Our Team leverages a diverse talent set that spans the entire business spectrum to ensure an integrated business development approach. We ensure that branding, communications, marketing, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, process and quality control efforts are all factored into the business development strategy and we are experts at getting stakeholder buy-in and involvement.

GCG’s proprietary solutions blend Shipley business development best practices with PMBOK, CMMI, Six Sigma, ITIL and Agile methodologies. Consequently, the benefits to our client organizations extend well beyond business development.

Increased PWIN

By moving you from reactionary to strategic, we can significantly increase your probability of win.  Through a carefully tailored business development strategy, GCG helps you to ensure targeted and focused efforts to optimize your opportunity pipeline.  Business development requires corporate commitment but it does not have to break your budget.