You’ve had a great track record, but you’re now losing your recompetes, your turn-over is rising, and your bread and butter comes from one contract…

Does this sound familiar? We see this scenario repeatedly across small businesses that are struggling to survive in the federal contracting arena. These are sure signs that your business is lacking an integrated, long-term business development strategy.

At GCG, we are experts at providing you the tools and the path to, not only retain your incumbent work, but also to grow it. We transform your business development approach from reactionary to strategic and we increase your probability of win.

Our success track record is based on decades of experience with federal contracting environment; supporting contracting firms of all sizes, across multiple sectors. Contact us today and get on track!



We listen closely to what you say, and the unsaid, and we remember. When you get pulled in the weeds or go off to put out fires, and you will, we remain focused on the business development strategy.


We create fluid business development solutions that leverage best practices but factor in your firm’s realities. We manage the organizational changes necessary so your teams are motivated to contribute to the firm’s growth.


We think outside the box to support your ability to provide thought leadership and innovation to your clients.


We enable your firm to see almost instant results in your business development program thanks to our robust library of business development assets and resources.

Corporate Overview

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