Services and Solutions

Strategic Planning

We deliver organizationally effective solutions that leverage operational strengths, account for operational challenges, and are scalable to accommodate growth projection. Using GCG’s Proprietary Diagnostic Tool, we can quickly ascertain focus areas and identify low-hanging fruit.

Organizational Effectiveness

We conduct thorough assessments to identify opportunities for improvement, then deliver a strategic plan to increase the organization’s efficacy and effectiveness using integrated solutions.

Business Development

We provide tailored tools, processes, and procedures to empower BD with minimal impact on Operations. Our BD support includes strategic planning, pipeline development and management, campaign development, capture support, CRM development, and management, as well as proposal management. 

Training & Capacity Building

We have a variety of  customizable training modules that align to the organization’s goals and correct the gaps in the preferred learning scenario; be it instructor-led training, eLearning, mentoring program, brown-bag discussions, internships, job rotations, or shadowing opportunities.

Program & Project Management

Our program/project management approach is based on three decades of successful management experience. We focus heavily on proper planning to minimize risk and rework. We embed best practices and industry standards, such as PIMBOK, Six Sigma, CMMI, ISO to ensure flawless execution, quality assurance, and continuous process improvement.

Branding & Communications

We design a focused and consistent message to represent out client’s vision, capabilities, and discriminators in visually appealing modalities; including logo, websites, social media, brochures, briefings, posters, billboards, radio and television ads, and press releases.

Cultural & Language Services

International business requires more than translation and interpretation support; it necessitates bridging cultural differences. Our team has successfully trained business leaders on the nuances that can make or break a deal. Whether your business takes you to the Middle East, Asia, Africa or Latin America, we can prepare your team to land with confidence.